Configuring Notifications

To get to email notification settings, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Global Settings section in your user account or administration panel.

  • Look for the option for email notifications

  • Click the appropriate option to open email notification settings.

Within these settings you can then make the desired configurations to ensure you receive notifications according to your preferences. Remember to adjust the settings based on your needs and ensure they comply with your organization's privacy policy and security standards.

Create new notification:

  • Click the button to add or create a new notification.

Key Features and Options

  1. Email Notification Configuration:

  • Name: Enter the name here

  • The identifier for the notification, helping users recognize the purpose of the notification setting.

  • Document Type: Select the document type you want to receive a notification for. This could be adding a new document, deleting a document, updating a document, or other relevant events.

  • Associates the notification with a specific document type, allowing for targeted alerts based on the document's processing cycle.

  • Status: Specify the status or condition that should trigger a notification when it changes. This could be a specific workflow status, an approval status, an error status, or any other relevant status.

  • Priority: select the appropriate priority. For example, this could be "Low", "Medium" or "High".

  • Sets the urgency level of the notification, which can prioritize the email alert in the recipient's inbox.

  • Delay: Enter the desired amount of time to specify the delay time before sending the notification. This could be done in minutes, hours or days depending on your system settings.

  • By configuring a delay time before sending the notification, users have enough time for any cancellations or corrections before the alert is issued. This can help prevent errors and improve user experience.

  • Email Address: Enter the email addresses of the recipients to whom the notification should be sent. Users can enter multiple email addresses to specify multiple recipients. This could mean that notifications are sent to specific email addresses based on the properties of the document in question or the user's role.

Actionable Insights:

  • Send Email to Assigned User: An optional setting that, when enabled, automatically sends notifications to the user assigned to the document, ensuring that the responsible party is always informed.

  • Save: After entering all the required information, click "Save" button to save the notification settings.

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