Document Merging

Document merge documents

Document merging allows you to combine multiple documents.

First, you need to select the documents you would like to merge. This can be done by selecting the checkboxes of the documents. Once you have selected the documents, click on the icon with three dots.

A menu will then be displayed, select the โ€œMergeโ€ option which can be found at the bottom.

Document merging is an important feature in a document management system that allows users to combine multiple documents into a single document. Here are some reasons why document merging can be useful:

  • Organizing Related Documents: By merging multiple documents into a single document, users can organize and keep related information or files together. This can help improve efficiency in managing and accessing documents.

  • Creating reports or summaries: Merging multiple documents can be useful to create reports or summaries by combining data or information from different sources or documents. This allows users to create comprehensive reports or presentations without having to manually copy and paste the information.

  • Archiving documents: When multiple versions of a document exist, or when documents need to be summarized within a specific time period, merging documents can help ensure consistent archiving practices and optimize storage space.

  • Workflow optimization: Document merging can be part of an automated workflow where documents are automatically combined once certain conditions are met. This can be used, for example, in an approval process or when creating contracts or reports.

Examples of merging documents:

  • Combining Invoices: A business needs to summarize all invoices from a given month for accounting purposes. Individual invoices are uploaded as separate documents and then merged to create a consolidated overview.

  • Combining approval forms: An application approval workflow requires multiple forms to be merged before being forwarded to management. The different forms are automatically combined as they are completed and submitted by the parties involved.

  • Creating an Annual Report: Multiple departments in a company work together to create a comprehensive annual report. Each department prepares its own section of the report as a separate document. These documents are then brought together to create the final annual report.

By merging documents, organizations can streamline their document management processes, improve collaboration, and increase efficiency.

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