AI Table

The AI Extracted Table feature allows users to easily manipulate and customize the extracted data from the invoice document. Here are the key capabilities and usage instructions:

  • Deleting Columns: If certain columns in the extracted table are not needed, users can easily remove them by clicking the "Delete column" icon (represented by three vertical dots) next to the column header. This helps declutter the table and focus only on relevant information.

  • Changing Currency Format: The currency format can be changed by selecting the desired format from the dropdown menu next to the "Currency" field. This ensures that the currency values are displayed in the preferred format, making it easier to interpret and analyze the financial data.

  • Showing/Hiding Non-Mapped Columns: By default, only the mapped columns (columns with extracted data) are visible in the table. However, users can choose to show or hide the non-mapped columns by clicking the "Hide non mapped columns" or "Show non mapped columns" button at the bottom of the table. This feature is useful when users want to review all available columns, even if they don't currently contain data.

  • Changing Table Headers: The table headers (column names) can be modified by clicking on the header and entering the desired name. This feature allows users to customize the column names to better align with their terminology or preferences, making the data more readable and understandable.

These features provide users with flexibility and control over the extracted data, enabling them to tailor the information according to their specific needs and preferences. The AI Extracted Table aims to enhance the user experience by offering a seamless and intuitive way to interact with and analyze invoice data.

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