Document Type Operation one of


This card is designed to manage actions on documents contingent upon their type, employing simple conditional logic (is/is not) to either trigger or prevent specific workflows. This enables precise control over how different types of documents are processed within the ERP system.

Components of the Card

  1. Operator

    • Description: Determines the conditional logic applied to the document types.

    • Options:

      • is: The operation will trigger if the document's type matches one of the specified types in the list.

      • is not: The operation will trigger if the document's type does not match any of the types listed.

  2. Document Types List

    • Description: Specifies a list of document types to which the condition will apply.

    • Detail: This can include a variety of document types such as "Invoice", "Purchase Order", "Contract", "Employee Record", etc., based on which the condition (is/is not) will be evaluated.


  • Document Identification: The system first identifies the type of each incoming or existing document based on predefined attributes or metadata.

  • Condition Evaluation:

    • If the operator is is, the card checks if the document type is in the provided list.

    • If the operator is is not, the card checks if the document type is not in the list.

  • Action Triggering: Depending on the result of the condition evaluation:

    • True: Initiates the associated operations or workflows if the condition is met.

    • False: The process is bypassed or an alternative operation is triggered if the condition is not met.

  • Integration and Automation: Seamlessly integrates with other system components, ensuring that document handling is automated and adheres to organizational workflows and policies.

User Interactions

  • Configuration: Users must specify the operator and list the document types when setting up the card. This setup may include interface elements like dropdowns or checkboxes to select document types and operators.

  • Monitoring and Adjustments: Users can monitor the outcomes and effectiveness of this card through logs and reports generated by the ERP system. Adjustments can be made to the list or the operator based on evolving business needs.

  • Error Handling and Feedback: Provides feedback mechanisms for errors encountered during operation. Users can set up alerts for when conditions fail, ensuring prompt attention to issues.


The "Document Type Condition" workflow card plays a crucial role in managing document-based operations with precision and flexibility. By using simple conditional logic, it helps ensure that documents are processed appropriately, enhancing efficiency and compliance. Documenting this card clearly will help users understand how to implement and utilize it effectively, making it a valuable part of your ERP system's documentation.

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