Generating Extended Invoice Numbers Script for Docbits


This guide focuses on automating the creation of extended invoice numbers in Docbits, a crucial feature for improving invoice management and tracking. The "Generating Extended Invoice Numbers" script concatenates various document identifiers, such as invoice ID and purchase order number, to create a comprehensive and unique identifier for each invoice.


The primary goal of this script is to automate the generation of extended invoice numbers, facilitating easier tracking and management of invoices by combining multiple identifiers into a single, unique number.

Script Implementation

Code Snippet

# Retrieve the values of invoice ID and purchase order number from the document
invoice_id = get_field_value(fields_dict, 'invoice_id')
purchase_order = get_field_value(fields_dict, 'purchase_order')

# Concatenate the invoice ID and purchase order number with a hyphen if both exist
extended_number = '-'.join(filter(None, [invoice_id, purchase_order]))

# Check and update the 'invoice_extended_number' field with the concatenated value
if extended_number:
    if 'invoice_extended_number' not in fields_dict:
        new_field = create_new_field('invoice_extended_number', extended_number)
        fields_dict['invoice_extended_number'] = new_field
        set_field_value(fields_dict, 'invoice_extended_number', extended_number)

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