Creating an ION API File

Obtaining existing/Creating new ION API File

This is created in INFOR ION API → Authorized Apps and an app like below should be shown

If not, then you need to create a new Authorized App. This can be done clicking the plus sign

Once you have entered the Name (DocBits_*Environment*) and Type (case specific) of the new Authorized App, you will be taken to a page where the Client ID and Secret have been generated automatically.

The information you fill in should be similar to what is shown above, it is important to enable the “Issue Refresh Tokens” slider at the bottom of the page.

Click “Download Credentials” to download the ION Mapping File.

Uploading the file to DocBits

Once you have downloaded the ION API file from Infor, you can upload it by going to Settings → Document Processing → Export like below


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