Troubleshooting Common Issues

Here are troubleshooting steps for common issues while integrating DocBits with an Identity Service Provider (IdP) or other services:

  • Verify configuration: Make sure the integration settings in DocBits are correctly configured and match your Identity Service Provider's requirements. In particular, check the SSO URL, Entity ID, and certificates.

  • Monitor logs: Monitor logs in both DocBits and on the Identity Service Provider's side to identify any error messages or warnings. These logs can provide clues as to where the problem lies.

  • Verify network connections: Make sure there are no network issues that could affect communication between DocBits and your Identity Service Provider. Check firewall settings, DNS configurations, and network access rules.

  • Test SSO processes: Perform test logins via Single Sign-On (SSO) to ensure users are successfully authenticated and redirected to DocBits. Be sure to note any error messages or redirection issues.

  • Checking permissions: Make sure users in DocBits have the required permissions to access the appropriate features or resources. Check the assignment of groups and roles.

  • Updating certificates: Make sure the SAML certificates and metadata are up to date on both sides. If a certificate has expired, you must update it and retest the integration.

  • Communicating with support: If you cannot identify the cause of the problem, contact DocBits support or your identity service provider. They can help you troubleshoot and provide specific guidance for your setup.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can quickly identify and resolve the most common issues during the integration between Docbits and your identity service provider.

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