• Key: This is the unique identifier used by external applications to access DocBits' API. It is crucial for authenticating requests made to DocBits from other software.

  • Actions such as view, regenerate, or copy the API key can be performed here, depending on the specific needs and security protocols.

SSO (Single Sign-On) Service Provider Settings

  • Entity ID: This is the identifier for DocBits as a service provider in the SSO configuration. It uniquely identifies Docbits within the SSO framework.

  • SLO (Single Logout) URL: The URL to which SSO sessions are sent to log out simultaneously from all applications connected via SSO.

  • SSO URL: The URL used for initiating the single sign-on process.

  • Actions such as "Download Certificate" and "Download Metadata" are available for obtaining necessary security certificates and metadata information used in setting up and maintaining SSO integration.

See Setup SSO

Identity Service Provider Settings

  • Tenant ID: This might be used when Docbits integrates with cloud services that require a tenant identifier to manage data and access configurations specific to the company using Docbits.

  • Upload file: Allows the admin to upload configuration files or other necessary files that facilitate integration with an identity provider.

  • Configure: A button to apply or update the settings after making changes or uploading new configurations.

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