Troubleshooting document type configuration in DocBits can be complex because various factors can affect data recognition and extraction.

Here are some general troubleshooting tips that can help identify and resolve common issues:

Check layout configuration

Check consistency:

  • Make sure all documents of the type have a consistent layout. Variations in layout can affect recognition.

Check zones and areas:

  • Check that the defined zones and areas are positioned correctly and cover the relevant information.

Update templates:

  • If the layout of the documents changes, update the templates accordingly.

Check field definitions and metadata

Field names and data types:

  • Make sure field names are correct and data types are properly defined.

Formatting guidelines:

  • Check that the formatting guidelines for the fields are correct and match the actual data.

Check required fields:

  • Make sure all required fields are correctly recognized and filled in.

Adjust regex patterns and extraction rules

Test regex patterns:

  • Use a regex tool to test the patterns and make sure they capture the desired data correctly.

Increase specificity:

  • Adjust the regex patterns to be more specific and avoid misinterpretation.

Check anchor points:

  • Make sure the anchor points for data extraction are set correctly. If the pattern is not working correctly, check if special characters or different formats need to be considered.

Adjust validation rules

Analyze error messages:

  • Examine the error messages and log files for evidence of incorrect validations.

Refine rules:

  • Adjust the validation rules to make them more flexible or stricter if necessary.

Multi-step validation:

  • Implement additional validation steps to improve data quality.

Improve training data and models

Collect representative data:

  • Make sure the training data covers a wide range of examples that reflect all possible variations.

Retrain models:

  • Retrain the models regularly, especially when new document variants are added.

Feedback loops:

  • Use feedback loops to continuously improve the models.

Review automation workflows

Review workflow steps:

  • Review each step in the workflow to ensure that the data is processed and routed correctly.

Analyze logs:

  • Analyze the workflow logs to identify and resolve sources of errors.

Collect user feedback:

  • Ask users about their experiences and issues with the workflows to identify potential weak points.

Review user rights and access control

Review access rights:

  • Make sure the right users have access to the relevant document types and fields.

Track changes:

  • Check whether recent changes in access rights may have affected document processing.

Regular review:

  • Perform regular access rights reviews to ensure everything is configured correctly.

General troubleshooting tips

Consult documentation:

  • Use DocBits system documentation and support resources to find solutions to problems.

Provide training:

  • Make sure all users are adequately trained to avoid common errors.

Updates and patches:

  • Keep the system up to date by regularly applying updates and patches that contain bug fixes and improvements.

Troubleshooting document type configuration requires a systematic approach and careful review of all aspects of the configuration. By applying the tips above, you can identify and fix common problems to improve the accuracy and efficiency of document processing in DocBits.

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