Table Columns


The Table Columns interface in Docbits is used to specify the columns that appear in data tables for each document type. Each column can be configured to hold specific types of data, such as strings or numerical values, and can be essential for sorting, filtering, and reporting functions within Docbits.

Key Features and Options

  1. Column Configuration:

    • Column Name: The identifier for the column in the database.

    • Title: The human-readable title for the column that will appear in the interface.

    • Column Type: Defines the data type of the column (e.g., STRING, AMOUNT), which determines what kind of data can be stored in the column.

    • Table Name: Indicates which table the column belongs to, linking it to a specific document type like INVOICE_TABLE.

  2. Actions:

    • Edit: Modify the settings of an existing column.

    • Delete: Remove the column from the table, which is useful if the data is no longer required or if the document type's data structure changes.

  3. Adding New Columns and Tables:

    • Add New Table Column: Opens a dialog where you can define a new column, including its name, whether it is required, its data type, and the table it belongs to.

    • Create New Table: Allows the creation of a new table, defining a unique name that will be used to store data related to a specific set of document types.

This section is vital for maintaining the structural integrity and usability of data within the Docbits system, ensuring that the data extracted from documents is stored in a well-organized and accessible manner.

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