More Settings


The More Settings area allows administrators to configure various aspects of document processing that are not covered in the basic settings. This includes options for table extraction, document review, PDF generation, approval processes, and settings specific to specific operations like purchase orders or accounting.

Key Features and Options

  1. Table Extraction:

    • Skip table validation: Allows bypassing the validation process for table data, which can be useful in scenarios where data validation needs to be flexible.

  2. In Review:

    • Design in Review Form: Configures the layout and fields that appear in the review forms used during the document review process.

  3. PDF Generation:

    • Design Template: Specifies the template used for generating PDF versions of the documents, which can be crucial for archiving or external communication.

  4. Approval:

    • Approve before export: Ensures documents must be approved before they can be exported from the system.

    • Second Approval: Adds an additional layer of approval for further validation, enhancing control over document processing.

  5. Purchase Order / Auto Accounting:

    • PO table in layout builder: Enables the inclusion of purchase order tables in the layout builder for customized document layouts.

    • Purchase Order: Toggles the processing of purchase order documents within the system.

    • PO Tolerance Setting: Sets tolerance levels for purchase order quantities, which helps in accommodating minor discrepancies without flagging them as errors.

  6. Document Alternate Export:

    • PO disable statuses: Allows disabling certain statuses for purchase orders during the export process, providing flexibility in how orders are handled.

  7. Supplier Item Number Map:

    • A utility setting that maps supplier item numbers to internal item numbers, ensuring accuracy in inventory and purchase order management.

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