Model Training


Model Training allows administrators to oversee and manage the training of machine learning models specific to each document type. By providing a structured interface for importing sample data, training models, and testing their performance, Docbits ensures that its data extraction capabilities continuously improve over time.

Key Features and Options

  1. Metrics Overview:

    • Sample: Number of sample documents used for training.

    • Exported: Number of documents that have been successfully exported after processing.

    • Company Σ: Total number of company-specific documents processed.

    • Overall Σ: Total number of documents processed across all categories.

  2. Training and Testing Options:

    • Import: Allows administrators to import new training data sets which are typically structured samples of documents that should be recognized by the system.

    • Train Model: Starts the training process using the imported data to enhance the recognition and extraction capabilities of the system.

    • Test Classification: Enables testing of the model to evaluate its performance on classifying and extracting data from new or unseen documents.

  3. Action Buttons:

    • Create Field: Add new data fields that the model should recognize and extract.

    • Actions: This dropdown can include options such as view details, edit configurations, or delete training data.

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