Using the Template Preview

The Template Preview is an extremely useful tool for checking and adjusting layout settings in real time before making changes to a document or template.

Here's an explanation of how you can use the Template Preview:

Opening the Template Preview:

  • You can usually find the Template Preview option in the template editor interface.

Selecting the template:

  • Select the template whose layout you want to check.

  • This can be an existing template you want to make changes to or a new template you want to create.

Adjusting the layout settings:

  • Change the layout settings as needed. This can include adding, removing or adjusting groups, fields, columns, rows, fonts, etc.

Real-time preview:

  • As you change the layout settings, the preview updates in real time.

  • You can immediately see how your changes affect the look and structure of the template.

Interactive customization:

  • Take advantage of the ability to interactively customize the layout by moving, resizing, or making other adjustments to elements while checking the effects in real time in the preview.

Testing different configurations:

  • Experiment with different layout configurations to find the best design for your needs.

  • Use the template preview to see how each change affects the final look.

Saving and committing changes:

  • Once you are happy with the layout, save your changes.

  • Depending on the software, you may also be able to find the option to commit your changes directly to update the template for use in other documents or processes.

Using the template preview allows you to make sure your layout meets your desired needs before committing changes. This allows you to efficiently customize the design and structure of your documents and ensure that they meet the desired visual and functional standards.

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