Troubleshooting common issues

Fields do not match the scanned documents:

  • Check the configuration of the fields in the Layout Manager and make sure they match the actual fields in the scanned documents.

  • Check that the positions and dimensions of the fields in the layout are correct and that they cover all relevant information.

Data is not extracted correctly:

  • Check the validation rules and format settings for the affected fields to make sure that the expected data can be captured correctly.

  • Make sure that the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or other data capture technologies are properly configured and calibrated to ensure accurate extraction of the data.

Faulty data validation:

  • Check the validation rules for fields to make sure they are appropriate and configured correctly.

  • Adjust the validation rules if necessary to ensure that they meet the requirements and formats of the captured data.

Document layouts are confusing or inefficient:

  • Revise the layout to improve the structure and organization of fields and ensure that important information is easily accessible.

  • Run user testing to get feedback on the usability of the layout and make adjustments to increase efficiency.

By applying these best practices and troubleshooting as appropriate, you can create efficient and accurate document layouts that enable smooth data capture and processing.

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