Save and apply changes

Saving and applying changes made in the Layout Manager is an important step to ensure that your layout customizations are effectively applied in the document processing workflow.

Here are the steps to save and apply changes:

Saving the changes:

  • After you have made the desired customizations in the Layout Manager, look for the "Save" button to save the changes.

  • Click this button to save your changes in the Layout Manager. This backs up your layout customizations and ensures that they are available for future editing sessions.

Applying the changes to the document processing workflow:

  • Once your changes are saved in the Layout Manager, they are usually automatically applied to the document processing workflow that uses that specific document type.

  • New documents based on this template will inherit the updated layout settings when they are created. This means that the new documents will include the new groups, fields, or other layout customizations you made in Layout Manager.

  • Existing documents already created using this template may be treated differently depending on your software and configuration. In some cases, changes may be automatically applied to pre-existing documents, while in other cases, manual adjustments may be required to bring existing documents into line with the updated layout settings.

Testing the changes:

  • After you have saved the layout changes and they have been applied to the document processing workflow, it is advisable to test the changes to ensure that they work as intended.

  • Create new test documents or review existing documents to ensure that the updated layout settings are applied correctly and that data is captured and displayed as expected.

By following these steps, you can effectively save changes in Layout Manager and apply them to the document processing workflow. This ensures a smooth integration of your layout customizations into the document creation and processing process.

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