Fix common problems

Here is advice for troubleshooting common problems in a document processing system, including fields not capturing data correctly, OCR errors, and validation rule issues:

Fields not capturing data correctly:

  • Check the configuration of the field in question to ensure the correct field type is being used and that all required properties are set correctly.

  • Make sure users have the correct instructions to enter data correctly into the field, and provide training or guidelines if necessary.

  • If the problem persists, run tests to verify whether the problem is systemic or only occurs with certain inputs. This can help you more accurately determine the cause of the problem.

OCR errors:

  • Check the quality of the scanned documents, including the readability of the text and any distortion or blurring.

  • Adjust the OCR settings, including the language, text recognition algorithm, and other parameters, to improve accuracy. Perform OCR preview or test runs to check the performance of the OCR system and identify potential sources of errors.

  • If OCR errors persist, you may want to consider implementing an advanced OCR system or looking into external OCR services.

Validation rule issues:

  • Review the configuration of validation rules to make sure they are set up correctly and meet the desired criteria.

  • Make sure validation rules are not too restrictive and that they carefully consider the actual data.

  • Run tests to make sure validation rules work as expected and check that they respond appropriately to unexpected data or edge cases.

  • Provide users with guidance and error messages to alert them to any validation errors and help them enter the correct data.

By systematically reviewing and troubleshooting these common issues, you can improve the performance and accuracy of your document processing system and ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

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