Best Practices

Here are some best practices for script development in DocBits, such as keeping scripts modular, handling errors properly, and documenting the purpose and function of each script.

Modular Development:

  • Keep your scripts modular and well-structured.

  • Break complex tasks into smaller, more manageable modules.

  • Not only does this make your scripts easier to maintain and update, but it also allows you to reuse code and improve readability.

Error Handling:

  • Implement robust error handling in your scripts.

  • Make sure your code detects error cases and responds appropriately, whether by catching and logging errors, issuing helpful error messages, or taking action to recover.


  • Document the purpose, functions, and usage of each script in detail.

  • Describe what tasks the script performs, what inputs it expects, what outputs it generates, and how it integrates with the document processing workflow.

  • Clear documentation makes it easier for other developers to understand and maintain your scripts.


  • Comment your code thoroughly to explain its functionality and logic.

  • Use meaningful comments to explain important steps or complex parts of the code.

  • This not only makes the code easier for others to understand, but also for yourself when making future changes or updates.


  • Implement an effective version control system for your scripts.

  • This allows you to track changes, manage different versions, and revert to previous versions when needed.

  • This is especially useful when multiple developers are working on the same scripts or when you want to test different iterations.


  • Make sure your scripts are secure and free of potential security vulnerabilities.

  • For example, avoid unsafe practices such as directly executing user input or storing sensitive information in plain text.

  • Instead, implement security best practices and regularly audit your code for security vulnerabilities.

By following these best practices for script development in DocBits, you can create efficient, reliable, and well-documented scripts that improve the functionality and security of your document processing workflow.

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