Adding/Editing Document Types

Adding or editing document types in DocBits involves several steps. These steps include defining layouts, fields and extraction rules.

Here is a detailed guide:

Accessing Document Types Management

  • Log in: Log in to DocBits with your administrator rights.

  • Navigate: Go to Settings.

  • Document Types: Find the "Document Types" section.

Adding a new document type

Create a new document type:

  • Click the "+ New" button.

Basic information:

  • Enter a name for the new document type (e.g. "Invoice", "Contract", "Report").

  • Add a description explaining the purpose and use of the document type.

Amount and date format

  • Enter the format for the amount and date

Import Sample Documents

  • Upload sample documents via drag & drop

  • At least 10 documents must be uploaded for the training

Add Groups

  • Click the "Add" button and enter the group name.

  • You can also clone an existing document type.

Add fields:

  • Add new fields by clicking "Add".

  • Enter the name of the field (e.g. "Invoice number", "Date", "Amount") and the data type (e.g. Text, Number, Date).


  • Once all the details are entered, click "Finish" and the new document type is created

Edit an existing document type

Select a document type:

  • Select the document type you want to edit from the list of existing document types.

  • Under the document type you will find various editing options, for example editing the layout, fields, table columns, etc.

More Settings:

  • Click the Edit button next to the document type.

  • Here you can make further settings for the document type, such as design template, whether a document must be approved before export and many other details.

Define extraction rules

Define rules:

  • Go to the Extraction Rules section.

  • Create rules that specify how to extract data from documents. This may include using regular expressions or other pattern recognition techniques.

Test rules:

  • Test the extraction rules with sample documents to ensure that the data is correctly recognized and extracted.


  • Adjust the extraction rules based on the test results to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Training and Documentation

Inform users:

  • Inform users of the new or changed document type and provide training if necessary.


Update system documentation to describe the new or changed document types and their usage. By carefully setting up and managing document types in DocBits, you can ensure that documents are correctly classified and processed efficiently. This improves the overall performance of the document management system and contributes to the accuracy and productivity of your organization.

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