Company Information

  1. Company Name: The legal name of the company as registered.

  2. Street + Number: The physical address of the company's main office or headquarters.

  3. Postal code: The ZIP or postal code for the company's address.

  4. City: The city in which the company is located.

  5. State: The state or region where the company is based.

  6. Country: The country of operation for the company.

  7. Company ID: A unique identifier for the company, which could be used internally or for integrations with other systems.

  8. Tax-ID: The tax identification number for the company, important for financial operations and reporting.

  9. Commercial Register ID: The registration number of the company in the commercial register, which could be important for legal and official documentation.

  10. Official Company Phone Number: The primary contact number for the company.

  11. Official Company Email: The main email address that will be used for official communications.

The information entered here can be crucial for ensuring that documents such as invoices, official correspondence, and reports are properly formatted with the correct company details. It also helps in maintaining consistency in how the company is represented in various external communications and documents. After entering or updating the information, the administrator needs to save the changes by clicking the "Save" button to ensure all modifications are applied system-wide.

Additionally, the section provides a view of the subscription plan, showing how many days are left, start and end dates, and a subscription usage meter that tracks the consumption of service tokens against what's allocated in the plan. This can help administrators monitor and plan for the subscription renewals or upgrades based on the usage trends.

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