Ocr Settings

  1. OCR Quality:

    • This setting allows you to define the minimum required OCR quality percentage for a document to be processed automatically. It includes a slider that you can adjust to set the threshold, such as 75%, below which the system cannot guarantee a successful extraction. If the OCR quality of a document falls below this threshold, you can choose to have the system take specific actions, such as re-running the OCR after manual confirmation.

  2. General OCR settings:

    • Use E-Text if available: This option, when enabled, allows the system to use electronic text embedded within PDFs or other document types to enhance accuracy.

    • Use DESKEW if available: This feature corrects document alignment, which helps in improving the OCR accuracy by straightening any skewed scans.

  3. OCR settings for tables:

    • Use AI data for tables if available: This setting enables the use of AI technologies to better recognize and extract tables from scanned documents, leveraging machine learning models to identify and structure tabular data accurately.

  4. OCR settings for the header fields:

    • Use Rules Extraction: When enabled, this setting allows the system to apply predefined rules to extract data from header fields, which can be critical for correctly identifying document sections like invoice numbers, dates, etc.

    • Use AI Extraction: This option uses AI models to intelligently extract header fields, which can be more adaptable to variations in document layouts and styles.

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