List Of Values

The "List of Values" setting in your document processing system is essentially a central repository for managing predefined values that can be used across various forms and fields within the system. This setting is particularly useful for standardizing data entry and ensuring consistency across documents processed by the system.

  1. Segmentation by Type: Each section, such as "ISO_Currency", "Invoice_Sub_Type", "Invoice_Type", and "Test", represents a different category of predefined values. These categories are used to manage different types of data inputs relevant to their specific contexts within the system.

  2. Values and Synonyms: Under each category, you can define multiple values. For example, under "Invoice_Sub_Type", values like "Cost Invoice" and "Purchase Invoice" are listed. Additionally, you have the capability to assign synonyms to these values, enhancing the flexibility and reach of data capture. For example, "Cost Invoice" has synonyms like "Kostenrechnung" and "Cost Invoice".

  3. Usage Across Sub-Organizations: These values can also be made specific to certain sub-organizations within your setup, allowing for customization and localization of document processing workflows.

  4. Adding and Managing Values: Through the "Add Row" action, you can introduce new values and synonyms to the lists, and "Actions" allow for editing or deleting existing entries.

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