Supplier Item Number Map


This feature helps you manage and reconcile item numbers between your system and your suppliers. Often, the item numbers you use internally may not match the item numbers your suppliers use. Docbits makes it easier to handle these discrepancies by creating a mapping between your item numbers and those of your suppliers.

How It Works

  1. Manual Matching:

    • The first time you encounter a discrepancy between your item number and your supplier's item number, you need to match them manually.

    • You can do this by entering the correct supplier item number corresponding to your internal item number.

  2. Automatic Matching:

    • Once you have manually matched an item number with its supplier's item number, Docbits remembers this mapping.

    • The next time the same item appears, Docbits will automatically match it based on the stored mapping, saving you time and reducing errors.

Interface Breakdown

  • Supplier ID: The unique identifier for the supplier.

  • Item Number: Your internal item number for the product.

  • Supplier Item Number: The corresponding item number used by the supplier.

  • Action: Options to manage the mappings, such as deleting incorrect mappings.

See here the Admin Section as well


  • Efficiency: Reduces the need for repeated manual entry, making the process faster.

  • Accuracy: Minimizes errors by ensuring that item numbers are correctly matched.

  • Convenience: Simplifies the workflow by automating the matching process after the initial manual entry.

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