AI Table Tags

Step-by-step instructions on how to add tags to a table:

Step 1: Choose column names (tags)

  • Select column names: Review the column names of your table and decide which tags to add.

Step 2: Press "Apply" button

  • Press button: Once you have selected the appropriate tag for a column, press the "Apply" button next to the selected column and tag.

Step 3: Add tag to the table

  • Add tag: The selected tag will be added to the table as an additional column next to the corresponding column.

Step 4: Save or Delete Tag

  • Save Tag: Press the Save button to save the desired tag

  • Delete Tag: To delete the selected tag, press the Delete button

Here is a detailed explanation of each column and the possible tags:


Description: Position or order of the item within the order.

Tag: Integer

Example: 1, 2, 3...


Description: Short description of the item.

Tag: Text

Example: Screw, Nut, Widget...

Purchase Order:

Description: The number of the associated order.

Tag: Alphanumeric

Example: PO12345, PO98765...


Description: Number of units ordered.

Tag: Number

Example: 100, 50, 200...


Description: Unit of measurement (e.g., piece, kilogram).

Tag: Text

Example: Pcs, kg, l...

Unit Price:

Description: Price per unit of the item.

Tag: Currency

Example: €10.00, €5.50, €100.00...

Net Amount:

Description: Total price before deductions and taxes (calculated as quantity * unit price).

Tag: Currency

Example: €1,000.00, €275.00, €10,000.00...


Description: Absolute discount amount applied to the net amount.

Tag: Currency

Example: €50.00, €20.00, €500.00...

Discount Percentage:

Description: Discount percentage applied to the net amount.

Tag: Percent

Example: 5%, 10%, 15%...


Description: Amount of VAT applied to the item.

Tag: Currency

Example: €200.00, €55.00, €1,900.00...

Total Amount:

Description: Final amount after discount is deducted and VAT is added.

Tag: Currency

Example: €1,150.00, €310.00, €11,400.00...

Country of Origin:

Description: Country where the item was manufactured or shipped.

Tag: Text

Example: USA, Germany, China...

Item Number:

Description: Unique identifier or SKU for the item.

Tag: Alphanumeric

Example: 987654, A12345, Z98765...

Delivery Note Number:

Description: Number of the associated delivery note.

Tag: Alphanumeric

Example: DN56789, DN12345...

Sentence (additional information):

Description: Additional comments, codes or relevant information.

Tag: Text

Example: Comment, Specification...

With this structure and tags, the table is more clearly defined and the information can be better categorized and processed.

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