Version 8.5.2024

  1. Version Control: Each card can have multiple versions, each representing a different set of conditions or actions. This allows you to experiment with or tweak the rules without affecting the currently active workflow.

  2. Seamless Upgrades: When you need to update a rule or condition due to changes in your document processing requirements, you can create a new version of the card. This approach ensures that any modifications are deliberate and tested before they replace the current version. It minimizes errors and potential disruptions in your document processing.

  3. Maintaining Consistency: Keeping the original card version unchanged until you decide to upgrade ensures that ongoing processes are not affected. You can run tests and validations on the new version without impacting live data or workflows.

  4. Flexibility and Testing: Multiple versions enable testing different scenarios in a controlled environment. You can see the effects of new rules or changes on your document processing workflow without making permanent changes. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can then choose to apply the new version.

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