Training Header Fields

Once you have uploaded your document and it is ready for validation, you will enter. the validation screen.

You will notice some fields are already extracted, this is due to DocBits swarm intelligence, but other fields still remain empty. This is due to this document not being correctly trained yet, meaning DocBits is unsure where to extract the information for those empty fields.

However, with your help, you can train DocBits to know where to search for this data on that specific type of document. Do keep in mind that some fields may be empty due to the required information not being present on the document you uploaded, but if the information is present on your document then it can be trained by doing the following.

Click on the field you would like to train and either double click on the information on the document or, using your cursor, create a block around the information to populate the field.

Repeat this until you have populated all the fields you require and then your document is ready to be exported, once exported, DocBits will remember this document type in future meaning that you will not need to manually train these fields again as DocBits learns where to extract this data.

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