Groups and Permissions

Components of the Groups and Permissions Section

  1. Activate/Deactivate Groups and Permissions: A toggle that allows the system administrator to enable or disable the use of groups and permissions across the platform. When turned off, the system may default to a less granular access control model.

  2. Group List: Shows the list of available user groups within the organization. Each group can be configured with specific permissions. Administrators can add new groups by clicking the "+ New" button.

  3. Permissions Table:

    • Displayed once a group is selected or a new group is being configured.

    • Lists all document types recognized by the system (e.g., INVOICE, CREDIT_NOTE, DELIVERY_NOTE).

    • For each document type, there are checkboxes for different permissions:

      • View: Permission to see the document.

      • Update: Permission to modify the document.

      • Delete: Permission to remove the document from the system.

      • First Approval: Permission to perform the initial approval of the document.

      • Second Approval: Permission to perform a secondary level of approval (if applicable).

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