Even with careful configuration, document processing can occasionally encounter problems. Here are some troubleshooting tips for common problems that may arise from the configurations:

Additional order settings:

  • Check that all additional parameters are correctly configured and meet business requirements.

  • Make sure that the configuration matches system requirements and user needs.

Export to IDM:

  • Make sure that the connection to the IDM system is correctly configured and that all necessary permissions are in place.

  • Check that the document format is compatible with the requirements of the IDM system.

Additional tolerance settings:

  • Make sure that the tolerance limits are realistic and feasible.

  • Check regularly that the tolerance limits meet current business requirements.

Alternative document export:

  • Test the export in different formats to make sure that all required information is exported correctly.

  • Make sure that the export formats are compatible with the requirements of the recipients or target systems.

Order deactivation status:

  • Review the status deactivation configuration to ensure it is not unnecessarily blocking the workflow.

  • Make sure all users are aware of the status changes and know how to respond.

By applying these settings and best practices, organizations can streamline their document processing processes, improve data accuracy, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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