Navigating the Layout Manager

Being able to navigate the Layout Manager in DocBits and edit groups and fields is crucial to controlling the structure and appearance of documents.

Here are the steps to use the Layout Manager and edit groups and fields:

Opening the Layout Manager:

  • Log in to DocBits and navigate to the area where you want to use the Layout Manager.

  • You can find this option in "Manage Document Types".

Settings Document Type

Selecting the Document Type:

  • Select the document type you want to edit.

  • The Layout Manager will display the structure of that document type.

Layout Manager Invoice
  • In the Layout Manager you will see a tree structure that represents the groups and fields of the selected document type.

  • You can navigate through this structure to edit the areas you want.


Editing groups and fields:

Adding a group or field:

  • Click the "Create new group" button, depending on whether you want to add a new group or field.

  • Enter the name of the new group or field and select any settings you want, such as the type of field (text, number, date, etc.).

Create a group
Select field

Removing a group or field:

  • Select the group or field you want to remove.

  • Click the "Delete" button or use the appropriate keyboard shortcut (usually "Delete" or "Del").

Modifying a group or field:

  • Double-click the group or field you want to change.

  • Change any properties you want, such as the name, position, size, or field type settings.

Arranging groups and fields:

  • Drag and drop groups or fields to change their order or place them inside or outside other groups.

Saving changes:

  • Don't forget to save your changes before you leave the Layout Manager.

  • Click the "Save" button.

By following these steps, you can effectively navigate DocBits' Layout Manager and edit groups as well as fields within a document type. This allows you to customize the structure and appearance of your documents according to your needs.

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