Adding and Editing Fields

Here are the steps to add a new field or modify existing fields in DocBits, including details on how to access advanced configuration options:

Add a new field

  • Log in and access Document Management:

Add a new field:

  • Click the "Create Field" option.

Basic Configuration:

  • Enter a name for the field and set other basic properties, such as whether it is required or whether it should be visible when editing.

Select Field Type:

  • Select the type of new field, such as text, date, dropdown, checkbox, etc.

Advanced Configuration:

  • Here you can set other properties such as validation rules, match values, read-only mode, hiding, and OCR settings.


  • After you have made all the necessary configurations, click "Save" or a similar button to create the new field.

Edit an existing field

Access field editing:

  • Navigate to the list of existing fields and find the field you want to edit.

Select a field:

  • Click the appropriate field to access the editing options.

Change the configuration:

  • Change the properties of the field as needed. This may include changing the name, the field type, adding or removing validation rules, setting match values, or adjusting other advanced settings.


  • Click "Save" to save the changes you made to the field.

By providing steps to add new fields and edit existing fields, as well as access to advanced configuration options, you can maximize the flexibility and adaptability of your document processing system. This allows you to structure and process your data exactly as you need it.

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