Configure subtypes

Configuring subtypes allows you to customize the structure and behavior of the documents within a specific type. Here is an explanation of how you can use the "Fields", "Edit Layout", and "Scripts" options to customize each subtype to specific needs:

  • Fields: The "Fields" option allows you to add, edit or remove custom metadata fields for the subtype. These fields can contain information about the documents of that type such as title, author, date, category, etc. You can use different field types such as text boxes, dropdown lists, date values, etc. to capture the data according to your requirements.

  • Edit Layout: The Edit Layout option allows you to customize the appearance and arrangement of fields on the user interface. You can change the order of fields, create groups of fields to group related information, and adjust the size and position of fields on the page. This allows you to optimize the user experience and improve usability.

  • Scripts: The "Scripts" option allows you to add custom logic or automation for the subtype. You can use scripts to trigger specific actions when a document of this type is created, edited or deleted. This can be useful for implementing complex business rules, performing validations or integrating external systems.

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