Material Ordering and Processing Workflow

Explore the step-by-step workflow for material ordering, goods receipt, and invoice processing with INFOR ERP and DocBits integration. Effective supplier and document management in one.

This document outlines the workflow for ordering materials from suppliers, receiving goods, and processing invoices with integration between suppliers, INFOR ERP system, and DocBits for document management.

Process Overview

  1. Ordering Materials

    • Initiate order with the supplier.

    • Send the order to the supplier through INFOR.

  2. Receiving Order Confirmation

    • Supplier confirms the receipt of the order.

    • Creation and sending of order confirmation.

  3. Goods Receipt and Inspection

    • Receive goods from the supplier.

    • Post goods receipt in INFOR and check against the delivery bill.

  4. Invoice Processing

    • Receive invoice and send to DocBits for processing.

    • Check and verify invoice details with order and goods receipt.

  5. Final Steps

    • Archive the order and related documents in DocBits.

    • Update INFOR with transaction details for financial accounting.

Decision Points and Actions

  • Does the received goods match the order?

    • Yes: Proceed with invoice processing.

    • No: Manual check and update required.

  • Is the invoice correct according to the goods received and order details?

    • Yes: Complete the transaction and update financial records.

    • No: Further examination and corrections needed.

Integration Points

  • INFOR ERP: Main system for order processing, goods receipt, and financial accounting.

  • DocBits: Document management for processing and archiving invoices and order confirmations.


  • Ensure all documents are verified and archived for record-keeping.

  • Discrepancies in order or invoice details must be resolved promptly to avoid delays.

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