Previewing EDI Messages

How to use the preview feature to check the appearance and content of EDI messages before sending them to ensure they meet the partner's requirements.

The preview feature is an extremely useful tool to check the appearance and content of EDI messages before they are actually sent.

Here are some steps on how to use the preview feature to ensure that EDI messages meet the partner's requirements:

Previewing the EDI format:

  • Open the preview feature in your EDI system to get a preview of the generated EDI format. This allows you to check the layout and structure of the message to ensure that it meets the standards and specifications that your business partner expects.

Validating the data content:

  • Check the data content in the preview to ensure that all required fields are present and contain correct values. Make sure that data fields are placed in the correct segments and use the correct codes or labels.

Identifying formatting errors:

  • Ensure that the formatting of the EDI message follows standards, such as proper segment separators, field separators, and decimal separators. Also check the indentation and arrangement of segments to ensure the message is clear and easy to read.

Considering partner requirements:

  • Consider your business partner's specific requirements regarding the EDI format. This may include using certain segments, elements, or codes that need to be previewed to ensure they are implemented correctly.

Conducting test transactions:

  • Use the preview feature to conduct test transactions with your business partner before sending real data. This allows you to identify and resolve potential problems early, before they impact business operations.

Careful use of the preview feature helps you ensure that your EDI messages meet your business partner's requirements and ensure a smooth exchange of business data.

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