Doc Scan

Doc Scan offers very easy Document creation via your local Scanner.

Download Scanner Software

Click Scan Document on the DocBits Dashboard

As your scanner is not installed yet, you’ll get the following message

Depending on which operating system you use, press the appropriate button to download.

Open the installation file and you will see the following

Click on Continue, accept the Software License Agreement with Agree and continue to install the software.

Installing this software requires 33,6 MB of space. You can change the install location before clicking Install in the next step.

As soon as the following screen is displayed you’re almost done.

Open web browser to test if the app works by entering: If you see this message on the screen, you must first configure some settings in your FritzBox network settings if you are using one.

When you see this screen you are ready to click on DocBits.

You will be redirected to the DocBits login page where you can enter your credentials to access your dashboard.

All you have to do now is activate Doc Scan in the settings under Modules.

FritzBox network settings

If you get the following error after installing and calling up the url, here are the reasons:– DNS resolution of private IP addresses not possible.– DNS resolution for domain names that refer to private IP addresses in the FRITZ!Box home network is not possible via the FRITZ!Box. This means that server services in the FRITZ!Box home network cannot be accessed via the domain name. You may see one of the following error messages:“DNS timed out”“DNS request timed out” *Caused* For security reasons, the FRITZ!Box suppresses DNS responses that refer to IP addresses in your own home network. This is a security feature of the FRITZ!Box to protect against so-called DNS rebinding attacks. If you use a FritzBox, you must first make the following settings in the FritzBox menu:

  1. In the FRITZ!Box user interface, click on `Heimnetz`.

  2. `Heimnetz` Click in the menu `Netzwerk`.

  3. Click on the tab `Netzwerkeinstellungen`.

In the Hostname exceptions `DNS-Rebind-Schutz section`, enter for which DNS rebind protection should not apply. Confirm with .`Übernehmen`

Uninstall Doc2Scan Service Manager

Run the following command to uninstall Doc2Scan Manager:

sudo bash /Library/doc2scan/


Scanner Compatability


  • Yes – device works perfectly

  • No – protocol not supported by device

  • ? – device works with sane-airscan, but protocol is not reported by user

  • Space – author has no information on this mode/device combination


  • eSCL stands for Airscan is a SANE WebScan frontend that supports Apple’s AirScan protocol. The scanners are automatically detected and published via mDNS.

  • WSD stands for “Web Services on Devices” and is a network communication protocol used for printer discovery and management over a local area network. In WSD mode, printers can be automatically discovered and added to a computer system without requiring manual configuration or installing additional printer drivers. It enables easy setup and printing to compatible printers over a network. WSD mode is commonly used in Windows operating systems to discover and connect printers on the network.

DeviceeSCL modeWSD mode

Brother ADS-2700W



Brother DCP-7055W



Brother DCP-9020CDW



Brother DCP-J552DW



Brother DCP-L2540DW



Brother DCP-L2550DN / DCP-L2550DW


Brother HL-L2380DW series



Brother HL-L2395DW series


Brother MFC-7360N



Brother MFC-8710DW



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