Using Actions

Here is a guide on how to properly use the "Copy" and "Delete" actions for efficient subtype management:

Copying a sub-type:

  • Navigate to the sub-type management settings in your document management system.

  • Select the subtype you want to copy, click "Copy" and enter a new name for the copied subtype if necessary.

  • Confirm the action and the system will create a copy of the selected sub-type with all existing settings, fields, layouts and scripts.

Deleting a sub-type:

  • Navigate to the subtype management settings and select the subtype you want to delete.

  • Click the trash can icon on the right of the action menu.

  • Confirm the deletion action by accepting a confirmation message if prompted.

  • Note that deleting a subtype can irreversibly remove all documents and data associated with it. Make sure you take all necessary security precautions and check that the subtype is no longer needed before deleting it.

Proper use of these actions allows you to streamline sub-type management. Copying allows you to leverage existing configurations for new sub-types, while deleting allows for efficient cleanup of sub-types that are no longer needed. However, it is important to be careful when deleting to avoid data loss. \

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