New Fields with Charges

Step 1: Access the Field Settings

1. Navigate to Fields:

• From the main dashboard, click on the “Fields” option located in the sidebar.

• This will open the Field Settings page where you can manage document types and recognition settings.

2. Select Document Type:

• Under the “DOCUMENT TYPES” section, select the specific document type you wish to add or modify a field for.

Step 2: Add a New Field

1. Open the Add Field Dialog:

• Click on the “Create Field” button located in the respective section (e.g., Invoice Details, Payment Details, Purchase Order).

2. Enter Field Details:

• A dialog box titled “Document field details” will appear.

• Fill in the required details:

• Name: Enter the name of the new field.

• Title: Enter a descriptive title for the field.

• Select field type: Choose the appropriate field type from the dropdown menu.

3. Enable Charges Element:

• If this field is associated with a charge, check the “Enable charges element” box.

4. Select Costing Mapping:

• Upon enabling charges, a dropdown menu will appear.

• Select the appropriate charge type from the list (e.g., ADD ON - ORIGIN, FUEL SURCHARGE, TOTAL FREIGHT).

Step 3: Save the New Field

1. Save Settings:

• Click the “SAVE” button to add the new field with the specified charge mapping.

• If you need to make changes, click the “BACK” button to return to the previous screen.

2. Finalize Field Creation:

• After saving, the new field will appear in the list under the specified document type.

• Ensure that the OCR and Match Score settings are configured as needed for accurate recognition.

3. Complete the Setup:

• Once all desired fields are added and configured, click the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the Field Settings page to apply your changes.

Additional Notes

• Required Fields:

• If a field is mandatory, check the “REQUIRED” box next to the field name.

• Editing Existing Fields:

• To edit an existing field, click on the field name, update the details, and save the changes.

• Reassign Field Group:

• Use the “Reassign Field Group” option to change the grouping of fields if necessary.

• Master Data Settings:

• For advanced configuration, access the “Master Data Settings” to manage overall field and document type settings.

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