Validation Screen 2

Validation Screen

Go table extraction view:

Here you come to the table extraction view and have further options to continue. For example, in training mode, learning the table.

  • Go Table Extraction View:

    • Purpose: Navigates to an interface where users can extract and manipulate table data from documents.

    • Use Case: Useful for complex documents containing tables, allowing for precise data extraction and learning to improve recognition over time.

Add non mapped columns:

To add unassigned columns click here and select columns you want in the table or remove the ones you don't need.

Show non mapped columns / Hide non mapped columns:

  • Show/Hide Non-Mapped Columns:

    • Purpose: Toggles the visibility of columns in a table that are not automatically mapped to known fields.

    • Use Case: Allows users to focus on relevant data by hiding unnecessary columns or reviewing them for potential inclusion.

Block table extraction for this supplier:

  • Block Table Extraction for This Supplier:

    • Purpose: Prevents table extraction processes for documents from specific suppliers.

    • Use Case: Useful in scenarios where supplier documents consistently fail to extract correctly or do not require extraction.

Delete table:

  • Delete Table:

    • Purpose: Removes an entire table from a document.

    • Use Case: Useful when a table is incorrectly included or is no longer necessary for the documentโ€™s purpose.

Add new table column:

If a column is missing, you can create a new column here. Specify the title, decide whether it should be a required field and the column type (this is important for the correct format)

  • Add New Table Column:

    • Purpose: Creates a new column in an existing table, with specifications for title, necessity, and type.

    • Use Case: Enhances the flexibility and accuracy of data capture by allowing for custom column creation tailored to specific data requirements.

Ignore table validation:

  • Ignore Table Validation:

    • Purpose: Allows users to bypass validation rules for specific tables.

    • Use Case: Useful when known anomalies in data do not impact the overall processing and insistence on validation would hinder workflow.

Restore table column:

  • Restore Table Column:

    • Purpose: Reinstates a previously deleted or altered column in a table.

    • Use Case: Helpful for recovering data that was mistakenly removed or altered, ensuring data completeness.

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