Identity Service Provider Configuration

Configuring the Identity Service Provider (IdP) to integrate with DocBits requires a few specific steps.Here is a guide to doing that:

Accessing the IdP configuration interface

  • Log in to your Identity Service Provider (IdP) as an administrator.

  • Navigate to the settings or configuration interface dedicated to managing SAML integrations.

Entering the Tenant ID:

  • Look for the section that allows configuration for new SAML integrations.

  • Enter the DocBits tenant ID. This ID identifies your Docbits account to the IdP and enables secure communication between the two systems.

Importing the required files:

  • DocBits usually requires downloading metadata or adding specific configuration details. Check your IdP's documentation to see what steps are required.

  • Download the DocBits metadata file or import it into your IdP's configuration menu. Alternatively, you can manually enter the required configuration details, depending on what your IdP supports.

Configure integration settings:

  • Make sure the integration settings, such as the SSO URL, Entity ID, and SAML certificate, are correct.

  • Check that the Single Log-Out (SLO) URL and other required parameters are configured correctly. These are critical for smooth authentication and logout via SAML.

Verify configuration:

  • Take time to make sure all information entered is correct and that there are no typos or misconfigurations.

  • Run tests to ensure that users can successfully log into Docbits via SAML and that Single Log-Out is working properly.

Security considerations:

  • Make sure all transferred files and configuration details are handled securely to avoid data leaks or unauthorized access.

  • Protect sensitive information such as SAML certificates and credentials from unauthorized access and store them in a safe location.

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