Document Operator for Sub-Organizations


This workflow card is designed to perform specific operations on documents that are associated with a particular sub-organization or department within a company. It ensures that document processing adheres to the policies and requirements specific to different segments of the organization.

Components of the Card

  1. Operator

    • Description: Defines the action or set of actions to be performed on the document.

    • Examples: This could include operators like "Review", "Approve", "Archive", "Distribute", or any other custom operation relevant to document management within the organization.

  2. Sub-Organization

    • Description: Specifies the part of the organization or department for which the document operation is relevant.

    • Detail: This could be any designated area of the company, such as Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, etc., or smaller, specialized teams within these broader categories.


  • Document Identification: The card first identifies the document(s) that need to be processed. This identification could be based on document type, source, date, or any other metadata.

  • Operation Execution: Based on the specified operator, the card executes the designated operation. This could be:

    • Review: Sending the document to the appropriate personnel or department for review.

    • Approve: Routing the document for necessary approvals within the sub-organization.

    • Archive: Moving the document to an archival system designed to store records as per organizational policies.

    • Distribute: Disseminating the document internally within the sub-organization or externally if required.

  • Compliance Checks: The card checks that all operations comply with the internal policies and legal requirements applicable to the specific sub-organization.

  • Feedback and Logging: Post-operation, the card provides feedback on the action taken and logs this information for audit trails and compliance tracking.

User Interactions

  • Configuration: Users set up the card by specifying the operator and the sub-organization. They might also define specific rules or triggers for when the card should activate.

  • Monitoring: Users can monitor the card's activity via a dashboard that shows ongoing and completed operations, providing transparency into document handling processes.

  • Manual Override: In some cases, users might have the ability to manually intervene or alter the course of an operation, such as escalating an issue or correcting document routing errors.


The "Document Operator for Sub-Organizations" card is a crucial tool for managing documents in a structured and efficient manner, particularly in larger organizations where different departments have unique operational needs and compliance requirements. Documenting this card clearly in your ERP system's manual will help users understand its importance and implement it effectively within their workflows. If additional customization or functionality descriptions are needed, feel free to expand based on specific organizational needs and technical capabilities.

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