Activating Permissions

Enabling or disabling the permission system using the switch has various effects on the functionality in DocBits.

Here are some explanations of how this works:

Enabling the permission system:

  • When the permission system is enabled, the access permissions for users and groups are applied.

  • Users are only granted access to the resources they are explicitly authorized to access based on the permissions assigned.

  • Administrators can manage the permissions for individual users and groups and ensure that only authorized people can view or edit the data.

Deactivating the permission system:

  • When the permission system is disabled, all access permissions are removed and users typically have unrestricted access to all resources.

  • This can be useful when open collaboration is temporarily required without the restrictions of access control.

  • However, there may be an increased risk of data leakage or unauthorized access as users may be able to access sensitive information they are not authorized to access.

Enabling or disabling the permission system is an important decision based on the security requirements and the way the organization operates. In environments where privacy and access control are critical, it is common to leave the permission system enabled to ensure data integrity and confidentiality. In other cases, disabling the permission system may be temporarily necessary to facilitate collaboration, but should be used with caution to minimize potential security risks.

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