API Key Management

Instructions for viewing, copying or regenerating the API key

API key management is an important aspect when it comes to the security of integrations and access to external services through APIs. Here are some steps to manage API keys and best practices for their security:

View and copy the API key:

  • Navigate to the API key settings in your DocBits account. Here you can find the API key, click "Copy" to copy the key.

Handling API keys with security in mind:

  • Treat API keys like sensitive credentials and never share them with anyone. Store API keys securely and use encryption if you need to store them locally. Update API keys regularly to ensure security and minimize the risk of unauthorized access. Avoid using API keys in public repositories or unsecured environments as they could potentially be intercepted by attackers.

Limit API key permissions:

  • Give API keys only the permissions required for the specific integration or service. Avoid excessive permissions to minimize the risk of abuse. Regularly review API key permissions and remove unnecessary permissions when they are no longer needed.

Logging and monitoring API calls:

  • Implement logging and monitoring of API calls to detect suspicious activity or unusual patterns that could indicate potential security breaches. Respond quickly to suspicious activity and, if necessary, revoke affected API keys to minimize the risk of further damage.

By carefully managing and securing API keys, organizations can ensure that their integrations and access to external services via APIs are protected and the risk of unauthorized access is minimized.

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