Customizing Filters

If you are looking for one or more specific documents, the following options are available to you. Within the search bar, we have provided you with various tools to help you find the document you are looking for. To access them, select the following icon.

Using filters allows users to quickly find relevant information and reduce the amount of data to the essentials.

How to customize and apply filters in DocBits

Accessing the filter settings Opening the dashboard:

  • Log in to DocBits and open the dashboard that contains the data you want to filter.

Accessing the filter menu:

  • Click the filter icon or search field.

Customizing filters

Using predefined filters

  • Open the filter menu.

  • Choose from the predefined filter options (e.g. Date, Document Type, Assigned Person).

  • Adjust the filter criteria by selecting or entering the appropriate values ​​(e.g. date range, specific document type).

Create your own filters

  • Open the filter menu in the settings under Dashboard and click on "Filters".

  • Select the field to be filtered (e.g. Status).

  • Define the filter criteria, e.g.: Status filter style.

  • Dropdown menus: Choose from predefined options.

  • Save the custom filter by clicking "Apply".

Use combined filters

  • Open the filter menu and select multiple filter criteria at once.

  • Combine filter criteria.

  • Example: Documents that were created by both the author "Max Mustermann" AND were created in the last month.

  • Once you have selected a filter, it will be applied automatically.

Applying and Managing Filters

Applying Filters

  • After you select and adjust the desired filters, the filters are automatically applied.

Removing Filters

  • Open the Filters menu.

  • Step 2: Clear or remove the applied filters by clicking "Clear Filters", the X icon next to the selected filter either in the Filters menu or below the Filters bar.

  • The data is displayed again without the previous filter criteria.

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